Women's Checklist To Underwear Shopping

 Just like your wardrobe, you would want to stock up variety of underwear. Irrespective of style, category, price there are few things that you should keep in mind while shopping for underwear.
 FIT: The most important aspect of your undergarments is the fit it offers. Ill fitted underwear can be a source of discomfort for the wearer. When in doubt about your bra size, do not hesitate to measure. Do not buy a smaller size to make your bust look bigger; instead use a push up bra.

MATERIAL: This is another aspect for comfort. If you are buying underwear for daily wear, stick to good old cotton. Cotton lets your skin breathe. Keep the silks, mesh and laces for special occasions or weekends.
 BRAND: No matter, what others say, I would recommend buying branded undergarment as it assures of quality. There will be no running colors and opened seams at least. Please note that it is a myth that branded garments are exorbitantly priced. Manufacturers' like Jockey, Wacoal bras, and Chantelle offer bras that fit your budget and are durable.
 QUALITY: You will be wearing your underwear next to your skin, so ensure that it is of the highest quality. Check the quality of material used, check the design for comfort. You do not want to invest in underwear that is not wearable after few washes.
COMFORT: You will be wearing it throughout the day; hence it is imperative that it needs to be comfortable. You do not want the under-wire to hurt/poke you or the straps to give away at the wrong time.

In short, the best underwear is the one that is branded, uses high quality to offer comfort and good fit to the wearer at an affordable price.


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